I would like to promote a NetRexx Addition to NetRexx 4.0

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I would like to promote a NetRexx Addition to NetRexx 4.0

Hi Rene, and all,

I would like to promote a NetRexx Language addtion to NetRexx 4.0.

This language addtions shall scope with Printed Reports and Screen I/O.

I did write a SPECIFICATION Document Years ago on www.kenai.com.

But those specs have been lost in the www.kenai.com movement to SourceForge.

My personal view is that it might be the time to enlarge NetRexx from a
*tiny Language* to a more *powerful language* ...

What would you think about this, in adding former 4GL lanuages features
to NetRexx 4.00 ?

As we at GEISCO did have back in the 1990's ??


Thomas Schneider.

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