How shall We3 be able to co-operate (when You like, only, of course) ...

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How shall We3 be able to co-operate (when You like, only, of course) ...

Hi Rene,

1.) I did now *resurrect*, after long, long period of BAD News (for me) :-(
2.) As is now no longer avail, I shall *want* to store
all the Sources of Rexx2Nrx in the ...
path ...

I'll *also* want* and like to *transfer* any any all of his ancient
stuff to RexxLA,
e.g. I shall want to DONATE it to RexxLA.

I did send You and others numerous mails: NO Reply (Sorry, You are
obviously too Busy
with other things ... ;-))

Of Course, after a long learning Curve, I shall use SVN now ....

... It has been my *Own FAULT* that I did stick too long with my own
and deployment strategies and methods I did use for Decenniums at GEISCO ...

... All You: You might not Re-Call Nowadays:

We (GEISCO ::== General Electric Information Services Company) did really
RUN a World-Wide NetWork called MARK III      ....    4 Decades ago !

I have been there Manager SDC (System Development and Consultancy) and
did Author as well a lot of Programs used Worldwide by approx 1.2 Mio

At those times GEISCO Mark III (derived originally from MULTICS) has
been the
ONLY 98% worldwide available NetWork, Day, By Day, 24 h by Day ...

... Terribly expensive, when compared to 2014: BUT: RELIABLE !

Full Stop.

Thomas Schneider
Vienna, Austria (Europe, *No Kangoroohs*, still again sorry, and joking,
of course ;-))

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