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How popular on MVS systems.....

As a VM/CMS systems programmer I can see evidence that NetRexx is growing
in popularity at least in the VM/CMS environment.   With the new versions
of System 390 coming out at the end of March I have seen allot of write-ups
about NetRexx -- even Sterling Software is having a speaker on Netrexx
at their Dallas seminar this April.

Any MVS folks out there see a building of enthusiasm for NetRexx?
IBM seems to really be pushing the webserver idea for mainframes -- many
articles in various trade journals have been surprisingly positive for
mainframes as a webserver.  IBM really seems to be pushing Java for MVS...
but what about NetRexx?  Does anyone see any MVS/NetRexx enthusiasm?

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment,

Bradley K. Simonin
(A Rexx and Java fan)

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