German NetRexx Error &/ Warning &/ Info messages

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German NetRexx Error &/ Warning &/ Info messages

Hi Rene (& all):

Has anybody, meanwhile, *undertaken the effort* to *localize* the
NetRexx Info/Warning/Errror/Abort messages ?

If *Yes*: where do *I find the german version (at least)* ?
If *No*: Do You think that would be a *nice feature* for *NetRexx 4.00* ?

Thomas Schneider

CEO ThSITC: Thomas Schneider, IT-Consulting

(sorry, has been totally inadvertantly deleted by My
Provider, ...
... but: It's still available on request, but the URL:
has gone :-( :-( :-()

I shall upload the most recent version to ** quite soon,
after the current  final tests,
so to say in the *next Monthes* ;-) ;-) ;-))

Massa Tho'Massa  (as my african friends do call me since 40 Year's or so
;-) ;-) ;-)=

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