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Rony G. Flatscher (wu-wien)

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Subject: [RexxLA] 2013 International Rexx Symposium Announcement and CFP
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 22:06:13 +0100
From: René Jansen [hidden email]
Reply-To: RexxLA Members mailing list [hidden email]
To: RexxLA Members mailing list [hidden email]

Dear RexxLa members,

The Rexx Language Association invites you to participate in the 2013 International Rexx Symposium, to be held 5-8 May 2013 in North Carolina, in the Raleigh-Durham area. Lodging and travel details will follow. This three-(and-a-half) day technical conference will address topics related to the Rexx family of programming languages: Classic Rexx, NetRexx, and Open Object Rexx, but not limited to those. Your knowledge and experience will be welcome, and may take the form of a presentation or a formal paper.

The International Rexx Symposium is the only technical conference dedicated to the Rexx family of programming languages, drawing speakers and attendees from around the world.

The technical program will feature topics addressing Rexx solutions to business problems, application development challenges, Rexx language enhancements and extensions, novel Rexx programming ideas, and the design and implementation of Rexx interpreters and compilers.

The full range of Rexx platforms and environments will be represented, from the mainframe to the desktop to the PDA/phone, and from legacy operating systems to Linux to Java.

Proposals for Symposium presentations and papers are hereby solicited!

Presentations and papers in the following topic areas are of particular interest:
  • Novel, clever, or interesting problem solutions using ooRexx, NetRexx or Classic Rexx
  • Rexx interfaces to Open Source products such as Java, OpenOffice, Linux, etc.
  • Cross-platform integration/automation
  • Mainframe, large-scale, or mission-critical Rexx applications
  • ANSI Standard-compliant extensions to Rexx interpreters
  • Deploying Rexx applications on unusual or diverse platforms
  • Multi- and cross-platform applications
  • Rapid prototyping in Rexx
  • Designing Rexx applications for performance and portability
  • Procedural and O-O Rexx interpreters, compilers, and libraries
  • Using Rexx with other technologies such as telephony and wireless
  • Re-hosting legacy Rexx applications
  • Products that use Rexx as a scripting or macro language
  • Status of current Rexx language processor implementations

Attendees will range from those who are relatively new to Rexx to authors of Rexx language processors and texts. Presentations are requested at all audience levels.

Session Proposals

Session proposals should include the following:
  • presenter's name and email address
  • session title (fewer than 10 words)
  • session abstract (fewer than 100 words)
  • presentation type (introductory, tutorial, practitioner, advanced)
  • author/presenter's biographical note (fewer than 100 words)
  • special scheduling/duration or audio/visual/connectivity requirements

Sessions are one hour long, but alternative durations can be accommodated on request. Speakers should allow ample time for questions and demonstrations.

Presentation and formal paper proposals must be submitted by email to [hidden email] and received by  March 15th, 2013.

Session proposals will be evaluated by the programme commitee, which is composed of Gil Barmwater, Les Koehler and Chip Davis. 

best regards,

Rene Vincent Jansen
President, RexxLA.

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