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... just again the *news* from Postgres BigSQL ...

Am just now nearly ready to *replicate* Gary Patrick's open (still pending) issue here on my Windows10 Notebook.

Again: all of You NetRexx lovers:

Wish You a merry X-Mas and a happy new Year 2018 !

Thomas Schneider.


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How to create 1 million users in PostgreSQL easily

When doing database training the other week to migrate some poor fellows from Oracle to PostgreSQL I was confronted with a simple question: How many users can you have in PostgreSQL?. Obviously somebody has made some bad experiences with other databases or Oracle in particular to come up with this kind of question. Well, as many as you want. How many do you need?. After some brief discussion it seems that people just did not believe in what I said so I decided to simply show them, how easily a large number of database users can be created in no time.

Getting more Information about Partitions

Use some recursive CTE power to get all the information about partitions and the entire chain of partitions. Powerful SQL-fu for managing your growing database.

Virus-free. www.avg.com

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