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As there has been such a Lack of Traffic of NEWS both on ibm-netrexx as well as RexxLA,
*I*, personally, *can not resist* to forward the lates Java-Magazine News to the
ibm-netrexx group ;-)

I shall *not* do this regularly, of course, unless asked to do so ... ;-)

Bye the way, gentle Woman and Man thereout on ibm-netrexx:

Why is the *traffic* on ibm-netrexx nearly NONE, the past Monthes?
No NEWS, NO Promblems, No Users, *or what* ??

Same with RexxLA, of course ... Is this *Family of Languages* going to *die*
because it's diversity and too many different Mothers, Fathers, Childs, and Genes, or what?


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Java Magazine - September/October 2014


Your September/October 2014 digital edition of Java Magazine is now available

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Dear Thomas,

Welcome to the September/October 2014 issue of Java Magazine! In this issue we celebrate innovation by recognizing the winners of the 2014 Duke's Choice Awards, explore the Maker Movement, and congratulate the winners of the first-ever IoT Developer Challenge.

2014 Duke's Choice Awards
This year’s winners help make travel faster, feed refugees, improve crop yields, provide cool technology, and more.

The Make Movement Evolves
Read our interview with Make Faire cocreator Dale Dougherty.

IOT Developer Challenge
Meet the winners and see their cool IoT projects.

Rise of the Machines
ARM's Zach Shelby on the Internet of Things, the Maker Movement, and the JCP

Java Apps on iOS and Android—Now a Reality
Build mobile apps with Oracle Mobile Application Framework.

Location-Based Software Using JavaFX
Discover the benefits of using JavaFX for visualization software.

And more!

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Caroline Kvitka
Java Magazine

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