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Hi there,

some interesting Articles about new Java 9 features :-)


Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria

PS: I do find the <xxx> syntax however rather cryptic ! Hopefully we could get another choice

for NetRexx 6  ....    ;-)


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Your July/August 2017 digital edition of Java Magazine is now available

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Java 9!

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the July/August special issue of Java Magazine, which focuses on one topic: Java 9.

As the articles in this issue demonstrate, there is a lot of goodness in Java 9. The language and platform teams have created dozens of convenient new features that make Java programming more succinct and enjoyable. Simon Ritter’s article provides an overview of many of these useful additions. His work is complemented by an in-depth examination of features in Collections, Streams, and iterators. And Trisha Gee explains how to compile and run Java 8 code on Java 9, even if you’re not using modules.

An alternative way to run Java 9 code is with JShell, a new read-evaluate-print loop (REPL) that bundled with this release. Our introduction to JShell shows the basics, while our article on HTTP/2 provides additional examples of JShell usage. The HTTP/2 technology, facilitates network programming, is part of a new incubator system introduced in Java 9 that presents developers technologies that are likely to be bundled in future releases. If you regularly use HTTP, take a long look at this article.

In addition to these articles, we have our usual language quiz, events calendar, and letters to the editor. Let us know if there are other Java 9 topics you’d like us to cover in the future.

Due to the delays in finalizing approval for the module system, this issue presents the new features of the JDK 9 release other than the Java Platform Module System (JPMS). We will extensively cover modules, once they are finalized and released. Currently, the expected date for that release is September 21. The reasons for this delay are discussed in the editorial.


Andrew Binstock
Editor in Chief
Java Magazine



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Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria (Europe) :-)