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1.) Don't know whether I am still a member of RexxLA (had no money to pay my yearly fee,
and also didn't see any mails to RexxLA for mothes, now .. :-()

2.) There is a very interesting gropu there at LinkedIn, which did discuss some questions, which
probably the more Knowledgable member of this Group (Chip Davis, Les, etc ??) could answer
and help those Guys there ...

3.) What *I* am only doing is support Rexx &/ NetRexx related issues as far as I can ...

Those languages are simply *too Good* to *DIE*, step, step by step ...

Thomas Schneider.

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Betreff: FileAid - Alternative
Datum: Mon, 28 Jul 2014 12:24:44 +0000 (UTC)
Von: Mainframe Experts Network [hidden email]
An: Thomas Schneider [hidden email]

Is it possible to create a code which can be an alternative to the Fileaid utility used in mainframes??
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Mainframe Experts Network
FileAid - Alternative
Samuel E
Samuel E
Freelance Cobol Developer
Is it possible to create a code which can be an alternative to the Fileaid utility used in...
Samuel E
@joydeep... can u share some more info about the REXX tool built...
Samuel E, Freelance Cobol Developer

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