Exception compiling 'hello.nrx' on AIX

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Exception compiling 'hello.nrx' on AIX


  I encounter an Exception when compiling 'hello.nrx' on AIX.
This is an attempt to verify that my installation of NetRexx is correct.
Being new to AIX, I suspect that I have done something wrong during
installation. But I seem to have followed the (straight-forward) directions.

  Kindly review the following information, and send me any thoughts
you might have.

  Many thanks, Marty Cawthon  (Send email to [hidden email])

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ATTEMPT TO COMPILE 'hello.nrx'  -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

[/usr/lpp/NetRexx]java COM.ibm.netrexx.process.NetRexxC hello
NetRexx portable processor, version 1.120
Copyright (c) IBM Corporation, 1997.  All rights reserved.
Program hello.nrx
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 20
        at netrexx.lang.RexxWords.space(Compiled Code)
        at netrexx.lang.Rexx.space(Compiled Code)
        at netrexx.lang.Rexx.space(Compiled Code)
        at COM.ibm.netrexx.process.RxFlag.toConciseString(Compiled Code)
        at COM.ibm.netrexx.process.RxParser.parseprogram(Compiled Code)
        at COM.ibm.netrexx.process.RxTranslator.translate(Compiled Code)
        at COM.ibm.netrexx.process.NetRexxC.main(Compiled Code)
        at COM.ibm.netrexx.process.NetRexxC.main(Compiled Code)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= VERIFYING THE VERSION -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=

[/usr/lpp/NetRexx]java -version
java version "1.1.2"

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- CHECK RESOURCES -=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Filesystem    512-blocks      Free %Used    Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4          114688     89976   22%     1370     5% /
/dev/hd2          770048     87808   89%    16149    17% /usr
/dev/hd9var         8192      5424   34%      202    20% /var
/dev/hd3           40960     18856   54%       35     1% /tmp
/dev/hd1            8192      1488   82%      757    74% /home
/dev/lv00         114688     11152   91%      745     6% /welcome

[/usr/lpp/NetRexx]lsattr -E -l mem0
size     128 Total amount of physical memory in Mbytes   False
goodsize 128 Amount of usable physical memory in Mbytes  False



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