Errrors reported by javac, but not by NetRexxC

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Errrors reported by javac, but not by NetRexxC

Hi there,

in a more complex software (PP), I am encountering still javac errors,
not recognized by NetRexxC.

For example:

java -cp
-Dnrx.compiler=ecj org.netrexx.process.NetRexxC  Declarer.nrx
NetRexx portable processor 3.04 GA build 4-20150630-1657
Copyright (c) RexxLA, 2011,2015.   All rights reserved.
Parts Copyright (c) IBM Corporation, 1995,2008.
Program Declarer.nrx
   === class com.thsitc.pp.machine.Declarer ===
     constructor Declarer()
       overrides Scan()
     constructor Declarer(Rexx)
       overrides Scan(Rexx)
     method DeclFile(Rexx,Rexx)
Compilation of 'Declarer.nrx' failed [javac failed]

1. ERROR in \ (at line 47)
The type cannot be resolved. It is
indirectly referenced from required .class files
1 problem (1 error)

There are 2 comments on this from my side:

1.) The Javac.log above is only displayed on the screen.

I had to issue an:

nrc Declarer.nrx -savelog 2>Javac.log

to capture the output !

2.) It would be helpful if the javac-errors would be avail in the
NetRexxC.log :-)

Thomas Schneider

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