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Easy creation of executeable jar


A few easy steps to get you a portable, executeable jar file for your Netrexx programs.


1)      Copy NetrexxR.jar to a work or temp directory

2)      Rename it to the desired executable name

a.       Ex: rename NetrexxR.jar mynetrexx.jar

3)      Open this file with winzip

4)      Add your class(es) with the Add button ( uncheck “use full path” )

5)      Open it with winzip and click the manifest folder

6)      Open the file manifest.mf with notepad

7)      Add a line to specify your main class  ( in this example my Netrexx code is in aListener.class)

Main-Class: aListener


Note: the extension of .class is not specified


8)      Close


9)      You can now click on the file, or type java –jar mynetrexx.jar



It’s small and portable and doesn’t require any classpath settings.  Easily runs anywhere there’s java.  I haven’t tested it on lava yet.




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