Don't compile if class file is younger than source

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Don't compile if class file is younger than source

Mike Cowlishaw-3
I'll take a look at this.  NetRexxC already skips the javac step in this
case, but I think it needs to process all the source files if they
are interdependent, to get the required information and make sure the
source file are consistent.  The interdependencies, or other changes,
could change the meaning of the source file, perhaps, hence giving
rise to a different .class file?


  1. You have a source file, fred.nrx, which imports two packages:

       import a.n.other

     and (within the class) refers to a class in


  2. You compile this, and now have a .class file, newer than the

  3. Later, you reorganize the two packages, and move AClass to

  4. This doesn't require a change to fred.nrx, but it clearly needs
     to be recompiled.

  5. You recompile it .. but the .class file is newer than the source,
     so no new .java or .class file is produced.....

Mike Cowlishaw
IBM Fellow, IBM UK Laboratories
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