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Design flaws......

Hello Netrexx-ers,

Well, I am actually enjoying and learning something about the "Java design
flaws" by the current discussion/debate on inner classes. I am learning more
about Java by this current topic and am impressed that Dion is Sun Certified.
Right on Dion!

Look I like Netrexx and want to use it. I love Rexx! Rexx is cool, flexible,
wonderful, easy, enjoyable, etc. As a DBA I can do more with Rexx/SQL/RXSQL
than any other language and am hoping to become very involved with

But I do not view NetRexx as a way of avoiding Java. Java is also cool. I am
hoping to use NetRexx extensively after I become even more familiar with Java.

As I have said before in previous notes....these kind of discussion are
beneficial. If all Netrexx is, is away of avoiding Java then we are nothing
better than COBOL programmer's who still want to do everything in COBOL. Yuck!

It is the very nature that Netrexx is being used to produce another language
that these discussion's erupt. If a concept is in Java and NetRexx is a tool
to create Java applications then it should be in NetRexx.

Brad Simonin (A Rexx and Java fan).

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