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Check out the April issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal for an article titled
"Using NetRexx", by Pam Taylor. It is an excellent technical overview
of the language and should appeal to the professional programmers who
read the Journal.  The article explored the neat features of NetRexx
through the example of a sign-on applet.  The applet code was printed
in a separate section, alongside code from an article on Kannel (a
Finnish network protocol engineering language) and another on an
optimal searching algorithm (in a C++ pseudocode) and was, by far,
the most readable.   :-)

Judging from dates in the code, the article has been in the pipeline
for nearly a year.  I thought I remembered DDJ publishing a NetRexx
article by Mike a year or so ago, but I can't find it at the moment.
One article per year is not much exposure, but I guess it's better
than nothing.  Then again, the February issue of DDJ was devoted to
"Scripting Languages", and much was written about Tcl and Perl, but
not one mention of any flavor of Rexx appeared.  It is articles from
users like Pam that will be necessary to raise the awareness of
NetRexx in the programming community.  Otherwise, it will be thought
of as a "boutique language" of limited applicability, if it is known
at all.

In addition to her day job as a software product development manager
for Sterling Commerce, Pam is the SHARE Rexx/Java Project Manager,
the vice-chair of the committee developing ANSI Rexx standards, and a
member of the board of directors of the Rexx Language Association.
(Reports that she leaps tall buildings with a single bound have
proven false; it generally takes her two to three bounds to clear

-Chip Davis-      Aresti Systems   Member of: Rexx Language Association
[hidden email]   P.O.Box 13306               ANSI Rexx Standard Committee
919.303.3306      RTP NC 27709-3306           JavaLobby & Thoroughly Warped!
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