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Current state of SHAP

Dear Prof. Spallek,

My name is Thomas Schneider, and I am in the IT since nearly 40 Years by

A group I am a member of,, did inform me about Your SHAP
Whil'st reviewing the link I got from there, I do notice that the last
update has been done
2008-06-04 ....

hence my questions:

1.) is the SHAP project still an active Project on Your University?
2.) when yes, why there has been no update made in the past 6 Years?
3.) when no, why has this very interesting idea/pilot implementation
been cancelled?

I am asking here with copy to the NetRexx users list, as NetRexx might
be *the language*
to support both Your developments there, as also help You to reduce the
time to develop
and test Your SHAP Software.

You shall find all about NetRexx at

As I'm also the author of Rexx2Nrx, the classic Rexx to NetRexx
translator, and a heavy
user of Netrexx since it's first appearance, feel free to contact me
directly when You shall
need support, training of Your students, or advise for specific
You and/or Your assistants or students might have.

Und da ich ein echter Wiener bin, k├Ânnen wir dann auch *deutsch* reden ;-)


Thomas Schneider
Erdbergstr. 52-60/1/13
A-1030 Wien

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