Current State of the SHAP (Secure Hardware Agent Platform) package

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Current State of the SHAP (Secure Hardware Agent Platform) package

Hi George Hovey,

As I'm just re-sorting my ancient mails, I did came along Your reply as of 2011-10-18 to a question
I did raise about Your SHAP package ...

At those time You mentioned for the summary: You also did mention
that work is still in progress.

Do You have got any updates from them about the status of SHAP or shall I (as I am a native german speaker)
contact them directly ?

Why I am so interested is, because You did mention that they did attempt to define&implement a scalable,
multiprocessing JVM.

Now, as the number of processors available even in ordinary PC's/Tablets/SmartPhones seem to double
every 1-2 Years, I shall be interested, again.

Also, when the IBM NetRexx Group shall be interested, I could go into direct contact with them,
and then report (in english) my findings.

But maybe others do have already the current status (Rony, or others, maybe) ?

Anyway, when somebody in this group does know more about their proceedings, pls. let us know.

Thanks in advance,
Thomas Schneider


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