Current NetRexxC vs. Java SDK 1.7

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Current NetRexxC vs. Java SDK 1.7

Hello there,
    I did, during the last week, download successfully Oracle's (fomerly
SUN's) Java SDK 1.7,
and also did browse the available documentation etc.

   Now, my question:

Does anybody of YOU already do have an 'open issue list', preferably
sorted by
decreasing number of importance, of Java JDK 1.7 language FEATURES (like
Enums, etc)
*missing* in the current NetRexxC implementation.

I think time has come to discuss this in this forum!

What I don't like is: re-invent the wheel! :-(

What I do like: Make my (proper) contribution! :-)

What I would need: help, and advise, when possible! :-)

What I can do (for this community):

Implement, as a trial alternate *open source*  NetRexx Compiler, the needed
and wanted features.

What I'm cunrrently fiddling around:

Oracle, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Mcrosoft seem to fiught against each

Or, they are *competitors*, as you like ;-)

My position is very simple: i do love them all :-)

When, *and only when*, they are making my live, as a software developer
(and Entrepreneur, when you like ;-))


PS: When this issue is NO issue for ibm-netrexx, let me know, and I will
definitely NOT
disturb you again (in your silence).

Thomas Schneider (
Ibm-netrexx mailing list
[hidden email]

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria (Europe) :-)