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Can't get my bean to run

Terry Fuller
Hello all,

I'm just getting my feet wet with Netrexx (and Java for that matter).

I've built a Java bean which works as expected, and I'm trying to port it to NetRexx.  The execution environment (a java server page) complains that it cant find the get accessor method.

The Netrexx source is:

    package taftest
class JellyBean
     properties private
     color=String "Red"

    method JellyBean()

    method getColor
    return color

    method setColor(newColor=String)
    color = newColor

The generated Java is:

private java.lang.String color="Red";

public JellyBean(){super();return;}

public netrexx.lang.Rexx getColor(){
return netrexx.lang.Rexx.toRexx(color);}

public void setColor(java.lang.String newColor){

I suspect that the reason is type / cast of the getColor method to netrexx.lang.Rexx, and the same for the return value.

Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  RTM is fine, with pointer to the M,

Thanks in advance

Terry Fuller
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