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CGI/NetRexx Problem !

Papalambrou, Stilianos
To all the experts of the NetRexx !

Guys I need some help over here !

   I'm experiencing a Server Error problem (code : 500) and an
IO.Exception error (code:193) is thrown when I'm trying to use the
"POST" method to pass the parameters from a HTML form to a class located
on the cgi-bin directory and to display that string back on a new HTML
page. I'm using JWS web server v1.0.3 under NT 4.0 environment. I'm
using NetRexx version 1.121 and Java ver 1.1. The CGI program is a
cut-down version of the EmpNum2.nrx example included in IBM's redbook.
The source code compiled OK, the server finds the class and then the
above exception is thrown. I include both the netrexx source code and
the HTML code. What am I doing wrong ?
   Any help would be much appreciated !


CGI Program Stelios.nrx :

Class Stelios

method main(args=String[ ]) static
args = args
say 'Content-Type : text/html'
say ''
say '<html>'
say '<head><title>Entered Info</title></head>'
say '<body>'
say 'H2>Entered data :</H2>'
say '<br> Program name : ' System.getProperty('SCRIPT_NAME')  -
                     ' Query length : '
list = BufferedReader(InputStreamReader(
say '<br> Received Parameters : ' list
say '</body>'
say '</html>'

HTML Code : Stelios.html
<html><head><title> Entered Info </title></head>
<h2> Entered Data </h2>
<form method="POST" action="http://thunder:8080/cgi-bin/Stelios.class">
<p><pre> Enter text : <input name="name" type="text" size="10"</pre>

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