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B4 Jack breaks crown

Jason Martin
I made some commits today and a binary release. (Work I did a long while back.)


Install inside of Terminal IDE


There are some later scripts and changes I made in android_extras that are not in the zip.

Play with Terminal IDE and learn where variables and classpaths and profiles are.

Midnight Commander (mc) and vim are your friends.

Maybe you can improve.

What you get is the everything to do apks for the android.jar(around 2.3.x I think) it provides.

Non android files also compile and work in Terminal IDE shell and interpreter works for somethings.

My machine needs to move to 64 bit. It feels as old as I do.

Not sure about Gradle, or new Jack and Jill.

Back on INTERNET after 2 years.

Didn't miss it.

Down to four chickens now.

Getting harder to keep up with them.

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