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Tom Maynard
On 31/3/13 11:20, Bill Fenlason wrote:
I note that in the NetRexx repository the Language Reference is in odf format but both the guides are in tex?

Yes, I've been in conversation behind the scenes with René and he confirms your findings: the NRL remains in its original format (from the day of open sourcing), while the others are new(ish) and are in LaTeX.

I don't use Open or Libre Office so I can't say (but I doubt) if either one can process TEX files.  There are online compilers if you get that far and need the services of one (free, of course).  A reasonably complete LaTeX installation will consume a fair chunk of real estate on your disk drive, and the learning curve is a bit steep -- but simple edits are pretty easy and rather obvious once you peek inside (the sources are flat text files, with markup ... think of HTML and you'll be close).

Good luck!

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