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Leonardo Boselli-2
Hi! NetRexxers.

I'm a new user of NetRexx, but I'm already fascinated by its powerful

I've recently created a WebRing about NetRexx.
WebRings are a service provided by webring.org.

What is a WebRing? It's a collection of sites about a particular subject,
all linked togheter for easy navigation. There is an index of URLs, with
descriptions and keywords, and CGIs for accessing randomly or sequentially
the pages. This method is better than a simple page with links, because
every site owner has a password and can change his/her site information
easily. The insertion of sites is moderated (no off-topic pages).

The "NetRexx Ring" accepts sites about NetRexx. My idea was to collect
sites with documentation, tutorials, tools, utilities for NetRexx and
source code of applets and applications written in NetRexx.
If you have published an HTML page about this, feel free to join.

For further information visit the "NetRexx Ring" page

Please, send me any suggestion, question and constructive criticism.
     o     Leonardo Boselli   [hidden email]
    o o    TETRACTYS Software [hidden email]
   o o o          Java and NetRexx Tutorials
  o o o o        http://tetractys.home.ml.org

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