2018, the year of NetRexx :-)

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2018, the year of NetRexx :-)

Hello all good programming people,
and my best wishes for 2018.

I was doing a rudimentary (and probably not correct or representative) benchmark for NetRexx.
A comparison between the same program written in C++, JAVA, NetRexx_DEC and NetRexx_BIN.
Something simple, just a loop 1 to 100 million,
        target = int 100000000              -- 100 million
        status = int (target / 10)
          timeA = System.currentTimeMillis();
            loop i=1 to target
              if i // status = 0
                then  say i
          timeB = System.currentTimeMillis();
          Say "********* It took: " timeB-timeA " milliseconds."

I did not expect these results:
        4- testLoop100miljoen_NetRexx_DEC.class        40.000 milliseconds        (NetRexx 3.06)
        3- testLoop100miljoen_JAVA.class                        413 ms                (JAVA 1.8.0_152)
        2- testLoop100miljoen_NetRexx_BIN.class                397 ms                (NetRexx 3.06 - options BINARY)
        1- testLoop100miljoen.exe  (C++)                         393 ms                (C++ mingw-w64-install 5.3.0)

I mean, I expected that C++ indeed the fastest was, but I expected a bigger difference in execution time.

Then I expected JAVA to be the second fastest, but it was NetRexx (BIN).  !

If my test results are correct, I do not understand why isn't the whole world switching to NetRexx as the best programming language for the JVM  ;-)

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