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Mike Calder
I'm only a humble software designer/programmer with no compsci
background, but FWIW, here's my 2dworth:

I've programmed over 25 years in BAL, FORTRAN(II, III, and IV), Algol,
COBOL, RPG, BASIC, APL, PL/I, Smalltalk, C, C++, Java, more program
generators (sorry, "Fourth Generation Languages" and "Rapid Application
Development Environments") than I care to remember, and, of course,
REXX. (No, Virginia, for some reason I never had to use Pascal.)

In those, I've come across some pretty obscure syntax (and written not a
little, I must confess), but for some reason what appears to be a very
simple set of constructs, the C ++, --, -=, and += operators have caused
me more difficulty than even the ? operator.  Que?

I am a bear of very little brain, and vote for keeping it simple and
explicit.  Let's not evolve towards APL; I'm sure that's the programming
language of the gods, but I'm a mortal.

I like "n = n + 1".

Clear skies!
Mike Calder
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